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About Bhadarwah

Bhadarwah features a humid subtropical climate heavily influence by Himalyas which surrounded the valley on all sides. Summers are pleasently warm in contrast to the west of India when afternoon temp. usually top 30 ℃.

Winter are Cold with Temp. ranging from - 5 ℃ to 10 ℃. The town witnesses frequent snowfalls. Bhadarwah has sunny winters with warmer days.

Accessibility :- Jammu to Bhadarwah road and all weather road, however Bhadarwah Chamba Road and Bhadarwah - Bani, Basoli road, and to become all weather road soon to get Bhaderwah a triangular access from Lakhanpur.

Accomidation :- Beautiful hotels, Tourist huts, Rents at various places were constracted by Govt. as well as by private players.


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Situated in the foothills of middle northwest Himalyas, the heavenly Lotus / cup sharped valley of Bhaderwah is situated in the Jammu division of union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Surrounded by towering mountains. Evergreen conifer forests, it borders the chamba distt. of Himachal Pardesh and due to its unparalleled scenic beauty, Undulating Land, Rolling Hills, Streams, Springs, Lush Green Meadows and the combination and contrast of named colours during different seasons.

The early Europen visitors to Bhaderwah were dazzled by the grandeur of its natural beauty

George Forster (1783). While passing through Chattergala pass to Bhaderwah in 1783 recorded. "When i had the first glance of this beautiful valley in this mountainous region, it appeared to the like "Switzerland".

G T Vigne (1839). Introduces Bhaderwah an Budrawar lies amid the prettiest country.



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Bhadarwah Hotels offers to be a host. It is not just a hotel, it’s a place where one can experience the warmth, the beauty and the distinctness of life. To Stay here is to experience Bhadarwah at its best. Accomodation :- Beautiful hotels, Tourist huts, Rents at various places were constracted by Govt. as well as by private players.

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